Frequently asked questions about Literaritea Press

What is Literaritea?

It’s a blending of literary + tea, because “literarichocolate” doesn’t roll off the tongue quite so smoothly. Literature and tea make ideal company. It rhymes with “rarity.”

What do you mean by Truth and Story?

For a thorough explanation and examples, read this. The abbreviated version is essentially that “Truth” (with a capital T) is reality according to what God has ordained in Creation, Fall, and Redemption. “Story” is a beautiful way to express a narrative that is effectual to convey Truth (or sometimes “truth”) timelessly and boundlessly to any human made in God’s image.

How did Literaritea Press begin?

“Literaritea” (Liter-ari-tea) was a shower inspiration. The word popped in my head and I could hardly wait to see if anyone else had discovered this lovely notion and to ask my friend Betsy if she would like to start a blog under that name.

That humble blog led to joining the Redeemed Reader team and the inspiration for Something Better Coming.

What, exactly, is Something Better Coming?

Eight years ago, while exploring Easter-themed picture books for Redeemed Reader, I realized that the story of Christ’s resurrection is much bigger than Passion Week. Every time He raised someone from the dead during His ministry on earth, He foreshadowed His own resurrection. But the story doesn’t end there. His victory over death guarantees future hope for those who put their trust in Him. We need to be reminded, over and over, that there is something better coming.

How can I buy the book?

If you live in Roanoke, Lynchburg, or the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, you can support local vendors here. Online vendors will be listed here, or you can order directly from Literaritea Press.

You can also follow the blog posts and follow me on social media, if you do you that kind of thing. I would love to keep in touch.